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Welcome to my vegan blog:) My name is Olivia and live in Newport Beach, California. I went to school for nursing and a licensed nurse. Nursing school has changed my life. In nursing there is so much joy in giving and serving. I'm thankful I get to be part of this so I can make a difference in each and every individual I care for. One thing I have learned from being in nursing school is that prevention is always the best route to take. For long-term health, the wiser decision will always be to eat foods that promote health instead of those that cause disease. Who wants to spend their golden years with heart disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes, obesity, doctor's visits, hospital stays, surgery, expenses, limitations, pain, and misery? I have seen many patients with cholesterol problems. We all know that saturated fat comes primarily from eating animal flesh and results in elevated cholesterol and clogged arteries. Also, dietary cholesterol is only found in animal foods, which it's produced in the liver. Common sense then dictates that the smartest thing to do to improve your cholesterol levels is to reduce your intake of saturated fat by reducing your intake of animal products. But instead, I have seen many people take the "easy" way out by resorting to medications, which only mask or temporarily relieve symptoms instead of eliminating the root of the problem. The medication itself can even add another problem to the mix, pharmaceutical side effects! Being vegan, my body has never felt so good! My taste buds have been introduced to a whole new world. Join me in my love for vegan food, and living a healthy, cruelty-free lifestyle! It's simple, it's good for us, the animals, and the planet.
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And for benjamin i made him a bagel with nondairy cream cheeze. So good.

And for benjamin i made him a bagel with nondairy cream cheeze. So good.

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